Committee on Transportation System Security and Resilience

About the RSTS Steering Committee

The RSTS Steering Committee has two primary roles—acting as the focal point and coordination body for AASHTO on relevant policy issues and providing oversight and guidance. Membership consists of practitioners from the four AASHTO regions and a cross-section of AASHTO committees focusing on issues related to building a resilient transportation system. The Steering Committee enables state DOTs to better understand and prepare for the potential effects of extreme weather and the available range of strategies and options. Steering Committee members meet at the AASHTO spring and annual meetings to guide the program by discussing updates from Federal partners, considering relevant NCHRP research and other current topics, and implementing the Strategic Plan and Work Plan.

CTSSR Steering Committee

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Committee on Transportation System Security and Resilience
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Melissa Savage
Director, Center for Environmental Excellence
Oscar Bermudez
Program Specialist for Environment