Overview & Resources

AASHTO’s Resilient and Sustainable Transportation Systems Technical Assistance Program (RSTS) is designed to help state DOTs understand the potential effects of climate change and the range of strategies and options for climate change mitigation and adaptation. The tasks being implemented by the Technical Assistance Program help achieve these goals.

RSTS is a voluntary pooled-fund program that provides timely information, tools, and technical assistance to AASHTO members in meeting the difficult challenges that arise related to climate change, energy efficiency, energy security, infrastructure adaptation, alternative vehicles and fuels, and other relevant topics. This program is a critical resource for state DOTs to address climate change and energy issues, while also providing the information needed to engage in and influence climate change and energy developments at the federal level.

Resources related to climate change mitigation and adaptation were previously housed under a separate AASHTO Climate Change Resource Center website. AASHTO has consolidated that information and integrated it within its broader Center for Environmental Excellence website.

To locate RSTS-related resources, please see Steering Committee presentations, Products and Programs, and visit the Center website’s Climate Change Mitigation/Adaptation topic, under the subtopics Energy/Greenhouse Gas Emissions or Infrastructure Resilience. Each subtopic includes an Overview, Recent Developments, Key Resources, and Case Studies.

For more information on the RSTS Technical Assistance Program and membership (for state DOTs), please contact AASHTO’s Program Manager at climatechange@aashto.org.

AASHTO Liaisons
Melissa Savage
Director, Center for Environmental Excellence

Phillip Burgoyne-Allen
Associate Program Manager, Environment & Active Transportation

Jennifer Billo
Program Specialist for Environment